NEW ALBUM 'Meridians' on Vinyl (Signed or Unsigned) - REWS

NEW ALBUM 'Meridians' on Vinyl (Signed or Unsigned)

Get your signed copy of NEW ALBUM 'Meridians' crystal clear transparent vinyl.

  • Due for release on 13th October 2023 *

Grab your own copy of REWS third album, 'Meridians' on a crystal clear transparent vinyl.

Contains singles "Breathe Into Me", "Misery", "Not Your Soldier" "The World That You Left Behind" and "Pretty Face" as heard on Kerrang! Radio, BBC Radio 1, RTE, Radio X and beyond!

Tracks: 1. The World That You Left Behind ß 2. Pretty Face 3. Not Your Soldier 4. Misery 5. Tears of a Lion 6. Addicted To You* 7. Psycho Maniac Killer 8. Lock Your Horns 9. Breathe Into Me 10. On My Back (Giants Roar) 11. Everything (Acoustic Bonus Track)